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Am I a YouTuber now?

Sometimes I do ridiculous things and mother catches me on tape


Back to School

I thought I’d like going to school. Turns out I don’t. Watch my tantrum at the end! But moommm I don’t waannnaaaaa!!!

Imma Hort-Shark

One week in the year a Horton turns into a Hort-Shark for Shark Week. He prowls the city for kisses and carrots. Beware of the Hort-Shark, he could be prowling for carrots near you. *DUN NUH*DUN NUH*

Carving a Hort-Pumpkin

I’m the next Paw-casso of pumpkin carving. Watch me create a Halloween work of art! Spoiler: It looks just like me.

I’m a Boat-Hort

So I’ve upgraded from Uber to water Uber and I think I like it. #BoatHort

Camping Hort

Our first vlog ever! This was our first camping trip of 2018 and we were very excited. Watch me hike my ass off and find a Hort-Moose!