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More Horton please!

More places you can find me on the interwebs. Mother makes it to my B roll.

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Beaver Canoe for PetSmart

Beaver Canoe is an offshoot of Roots Canada, borne from the love of adventure and the great outdoors.

Spot me in Beaver Canoe ads for their 2018 fall/winter collection at Petsmarts all over Canada and online!

The red pajamas, I CANNOT.

Video shot and edited by Worker Bee Supply

Dragons Den

I have a great business idea. How about give me food, point a camera at me and watch me eat!

Watch me demo this special dog bowl for flat faced breeds on the Dragons Den, where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas in hopes of an investment from five venture capitalist “dragons”. Basically, Canadian Shark Tank for my American friends out there.

CBC On the Money

What does it take to become an Instagram star? Watch my momager discuss managing my Instagram account and the challenges of making me into a bankable figure on CBC. If only I had opposable thumbs so I would do it myself. Alas, I must rely on mother to share my face with the world.

FYI Mom was very thankful I sat still during this as it was live! You might not be able to tell, but she barely kept it together!

Canadian Pet Expo

The Canadian Pet Expo is Canadas largest indoor pet festival that showcases all sorts of pets from the furry, aquatic and reptilian as well as house a huge variety of vendors. I can be found at this years expos as a celebrity pet! Come find me so I can give you a wet willy. Extra on the wet.

This clip was from the fall show. As you can see, I was donesky by the end of the day but that doesn’t mean the love stops coming!

Read about me and the other celebrity pets at this years fall show on Toronto Millennials blog.

Spotted By Humphrey - A Day In the Life

What does a usual day look like in the life of a Hort? I get asked this question a lot. Checkout my daily routine on Spotted By Humphreys day in the life blog! Hint: It’s kind of ridiculous!

On further reflection, I revise that statement. I pretty much get away with murder.

Toronto DogCast

Mom was honored to be invited to be on the Toronto Dogcast to talk about all things social media! We talk about the pitfalls of social media but also how it can bring people together. There’s also a separate blooper reel on episode 3.5 if you want to watch my mom fumble over her words.

In this episode we talk about: - dogs and social media - the dark side of social media (haters, trolls, etc) - the positive power of social media to bring people together - "The Six Pack" a social media group of dog lovers - Social media experiment for the Dogcast viewers to try The Toronto Dogcast is a dog focused podcast for all dog lovers.

More exciting collaborations in the works! Stay tuned!