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About Me


Horton McSnorton

Brat pig in the City. Carrot Connoisseur.


It all started when…

Mom and Dad met a friend with a french bulldog. They made three conclusions that day.

  • Frenchie farts are gag inducing

  • That mixes between bunnies and pigs exist

  • They must have a frenchie nugget of their own.

I was born February 12, 2015 in a litter of six, three girls and three boys. My whole litter was named after Dr. Seuss characters and I was the lucky nugget to be dubbed Horton. Many people think I was named after Tim Hortons being a Canadian pup. Understandable though, cause if you see my Mom and I on the street she always a Timmies cup in her hand!

My hoomans are terrible at making decisions. I don’t know how they haven’t starved to death yet seeing as how they can never decide on dinner. But it’s because of their indecisiveness about picking a name that they stuck with my given name, Horton. It didn’t seem to stop them from giving me a bunch of nicknames though. I’ve been called The Hort, Hortie, Brat Pig, Fluffer Nutter, Nugget, The Baby and Christmas Poo (long story on that one) just to name a few.

Being unique is a side affect of being awesome. And I’d say my love for my Daily Carrot and Stop Drop and Flops make me pretty heckin awesome.

Stop Drop and Flop

Whether you need to annoy your human or create a scene, halt you walker in their tracks or get that pesky itch, the Stop Drop and Flop is the technique for you.

It starts with a small tuck to the shoulder and a drive to the floor. Don’t forget to kick your feets wildly in the air for emphasis.

You’ll know you’re doing it right if you hear your human sigh or chuckle in exasperation.

The Daily Carrot

The saying is true, you are what you eat.

Mother thought it was so funny how my jowls would flap when I crunched carrots that it’s turned into a little daily routine. Watch me much carrots and review other yummy goodies everyday on The Daily Carrot in my Instagram stories!

Fact: Hort-Carrots are organic and non GMO. They taste lovely roasted with some paprika and honey. McSnorton Farms coming out with a cook book soon.