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Your Questions Answered..

Potty Training, were you a stubborn little pup?

I was a quick learner! I had an indoor fake grass pad that ended up turning into another “bed” once I was used to peeing outside. Ever fall asleep on a toilet before? Cause I have!

When I was still learning, I would get my front two paws on the pad and then start peeing. In my head I was fully on the grass pad but unfortunately I forgot about the second half of my body where the pee comes from! Suffice to say I peed all over the floor. Mom thought this was so cute, she couldn’t even get mad!

My pee coordination has got much better since. Sharp shooter status even.

What’s the story behind your very first carrot?

So apparently the story is, she bought a huge bag of baby carrots and couldn’t finish them so started giving them to me. I mean, I’m not mad at it. I’m basically a garbage disposal, she calls me that all the time.

Will you ever come to NYC?

Of all places in the States, New York may be most likely! It’s a 9 hour drive from Toronto which is pretty long, but totally doable. Mother has done worse. I’ve never flown and not sure if I will ever cause i’m 25 lbs which is already over the weight limit without a carrier haha!

Where’s your favorite place to buy frenchie clothes?

I love my buddys shop Spotted By Humphrey! There’s always new stuff that comes out so your wardrobe will never be boring!

I also love WagSwagBrand, they’re a local Toronto shop that makes clothes and amazing collars and leashes in all sorts of materials (cotton, leather, vegan leather).

Who are you favorite people other than your mom and dad?

Auntie Jess - She has what mother calls “hooch” nails so when she gives me scratches its extra satisfying.

Grandma - She da best. Full sized treats. Steak scraps for dinner. All the naps. Mother take note please.

Rascal - He’s grandmas kitty. He doesn’t particularly like me, but that doesn’t stop me from following him all over the house! One day he’ll love me back, one day.

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