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My Favs

There are some things I like, and others I absolutely LOVE. These are some of my favorite products that we use everyday.

Some of my favorite things

There are some things you like, and there are others that you love.

Like how I like licking feet, but love licking behind dads ears after a shower to make sure he got all the crud.

or how I like licking snots off toddlers faces but love when they eat with their hands cause it just rains cheerios all day.

but I digress. Checkout the shops I absolutely LOVE below!


The coolest backpacks

Bark Industry

When fashion meets function. Not only do these doggy backpacks hold all your important things like your ball, snacks and poop bags, they also come in fabulous prints like Sexy Purple, Pink Unicorn and OG Grey. I hiked up a storm last year with my OG Grey backpack. Checkout our camping vlog here!

They’ve just launched their Red Plaid backpack on pre-order for a special price of only $50 CAD ($37 USD) with my code HORTON10.

If plaid is not for you, use code HORTON10 for 10% off anything else in the store!


Fashion forward finds

Spotted By Humphrey

First of all if you’re not already following @spottedhumphrey on Instagram, DO IT. Next, checkout his store of curated goodies ranging from party hats and bandanas to bomber jackets and sherpa lined vests. If you want to be the most fashionable pup in town, this is where you need to shop! Find them on Instagram @spottedBYhumphrey!

This is one of those stores you can browse forever and fall into a black hole of shopping madness. But like, in the best way possible.

Use code HORTONMCSNORTON for 10% off your order!

Highly Canine-811-Edit-Edit.jpg

For all Dog Lovers

Highly Canine

This local Toronto business is one of my moms favs. @highlycanine creates classic, go-to pieces for dog lovers in a variety of colors and styles. With slogans like Dog Mom Social Club, Dog Dad and Hooman they’ve totally tapped into the dog lover psyche.

Hooman is my personal favorite as it’s a nod to doggo social media lingo and tells the world my hooman is mine. All. Mine. Best yet, my mom wears that label loud and proud.

Use code HORTON15 for 15% off your order!


The coolest designs

Frenchie Bulldog

We’ve been OG frenchie bulldog fans since Horton was a little pup! It was so much fun digging up Hortons old puppy harnesses for Hazel. To think, he was that size once!

It’s been amazing to see how the brand has evolved throughout the years led by the amazing Bridget (@bridgetandleo)! Her charisma and love for all things frenchie really shine through.

@frenchie_bulldog carries leashes, harnesses, bandanas and hoodies in fun colors and patterns to match the season. You’ll never go out of style with these guys!

Use code HORTON10 for 10% off your order!

wag swag.jpg

Get your swag on

Wag Swag Brand

Look swaggy in all things @wagswagbrand! It feels great to support local businesses and it feels even greater when you genuinely connect with the people behind it.

The met Heather a few years ago when she was just getting started and Ryder was just a puppy. Years later, she’s at trade shows, expanded into vegan leashes and clothing!

Hazel has been spoiled by all things Wag Swag this winter from her Bomber vest, Toronto Parka to my personal favorite, her pink teddy sweater! I literally squealed when she put it on for the first time, how can you not?!

peace collective 2.jpg

Home is Toronto

Peace Collective

Home is where the heart is. It’s corny but true. We love living in this amazing city and call ourselves Torontonians.

We love @PeaceCollective empowering message to chase your dreams and being your authentic selves. It really resonates with us especially because we put ourselves out there on Instagram everyday. As a way to give back, every item purchased from Peace Collective also provides 5 school meals for children in need. Another reason why I wear my Toronto vs Everybody sweatshirt with pride.

We’re proudly Canadian and are proud to call ourselves #PeaceAmbassadors